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EnerGuide Home Evaluations

An EnerGuide home evaluation is a service offered under the EnerGuide Rating System initiative and is the first step in smart home renovations that will improve the energy efficiency of your home. An energy advisor,  who represents a licensed service organization, evaluates your home from the attic to the basement, including a test to measure air leakage. You will then receive a personalized report with professional energy efficiency recommendations of the best upgrades for your home as well as a rating that indicates your home’s current level of energy efficiency compared to similar homes in your area and your potential rating after retrofitting.  This rating will be supplied on a label that can be affixed to your electrical panel!



Energy retrofits can reduce your home’s energy bills, operating costs and environmental impact, while increasing comfort, durability and resale values and when selling your renovated home, you can promote your rating, as it is a standardized and objective measurement of energy efficiency according to the Government of Canada.

CONSUMER CAUTION: Homeowners need to be aware of deceptive door-to-door sales tactics that claim to have Natural Resources Canada backing. The EnerGuide home evaluations are ALWAYS arranged through licensed service organizations and Natural Resources Canada never performs or authorizes others to perform unsolicited energy assessments or evaluations. For a list of licensed service organizations that deliver the EnerGuide home evaluations in your area, click HERE.

For ways to deal with deceptive door-to-door services or unauthorized inspections, click HERE